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1/14 scale lowbed / lowboy semi-trailer
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498.78 EUR
Frame for hooklift long V2
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111.28 EUR
1/14 scale drawbar  trailer 3axles dual wheels for hooklift containers
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395.15 EUR
1/14 scale lowbed tridem trailer
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350.40 EUR
Metal front stand  V2 for timber truck
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56.17 EUR
Trailer 3axles v4
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264.45 EUR
1/14 Complete air suspension with aluminium rims and rubber tires for 1/14 trailers
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62.73 EUR
Trailer 2axles v4
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211.56 EUR
Rotate system with frame plate and suspension plate
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46.49 EUR
Spare wheel  rack with the exhaust pipe behind the cab
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62.50 EUR
Fenders 2 axle
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27.50 EUR
Cab holder V2
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17.10 EUR
Fenders 3 axle
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36.50 EUR
Fenders 1 axle V2
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22.20 EUR
Fenders 1 axle
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18.00 EUR
Fenders 4 axle
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47.60 EUR

1:14 scale dolly 2axle for tamiya trailers - stainless steel

199.00 EUR

Manufacturer: scale-parts
Model: SP-03-04-030
Shipment:48 hours
Product avaliable (10 pcs)
Weight:2.00 kg
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1:14 scale dolly 2axle for tamiya semi trailers and other

Dolly made of stainless steel on CNC machines
- stainless steel construction
-stainless steel axle with aluminium swingarms and rubber dummy airbags
-stainless steel fifth wheel
-stainless steel drawbar with lenght regulation 
- 3d-printed lights
- tamiya plastic rims and wide tires 

The product is intended for persons over 14 years of age

Last picture show dolly with our semitrailer - semitrailer its not included 

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