Electric ramps for lowbed tridem trailer SP-03-01-043
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209.10 EUR 188.19 EUR
Universal electric ramps
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209.10 EUR 188.19 EUR
Pre-sale! Platform Trailer 1 Axle
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241.15 EUR
Timber Trailer 3 Axle v2
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450.35 EUR
1:14 low loader tandem trailer Premium
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371.46 EUR
1:14 low loader tandem trailer
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309.96 EUR
Scale Parts ULTRA GRIP tires - made of rubber - 4 pcs.
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22.28 EUR
Complete air suspension for 1/14 trailers with wheels and fenders
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95.88 EUR
1:14 lowbed tridem trailer
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492.00 EUR 418.20 EUR
1:14 Low loader trailer with straight platform 4axle
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528.90 EUR 449.57 EUR
Fenders 4 axle
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47.60 EUR
Cab holder V2
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17.10 EUR
Fenders 2 axle
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27.50 EUR
Fenders 1 axle
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18.00 EUR
Fenders 1 axle V2
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22.20 EUR
Fenders 3 axle
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36.50 EUR
Front pageTrailers1:14 low loader tandem trailer

1:14 low loader tandem trailer

309.96 EUR
Manufacturer: scale-parts
Model: SP-03-01-045
Shipment:21 days,
product on order
Weight:3.00 kg
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Tandem low-bed trailer in 1:14 scale

Technical data:

  • The trailer structure is made of stainless steel
  • Stainless steel axles, 3D printed axle mountings
  • 3D printed rims + stainless steel cover, double bearings
  • Ultra Grip rubber tires - scale-parts - 58mm high
  • Trailer ramps with automatic locking
  • 3D printed lights
  • Stainless steel drawbar with smooth height adjustment
  • Wooden floor
  • Front support extendable, adjustable

This trailer can't be upgraded to Premium version 

Trailer dimensions:

Length: 530 mm

Width: 203 mm

Height: 206 mm

Cargo space dimensions:

Length: 357 mm

Width: 153 mm

The product is intended for people over 14 years of age.

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